We’re living in an on-demand world. Whether it’s instant streaming on Netflix, 2-hour deliveries from Amazon, or dinner Deliveroo-d at the touch of a button. 

We want stuff now. The brands that succeed are the ones that can give customers what they want, WHEN they want it. Even if that means an answer to a question about a product or service at 2am. 

But you’re not ready to hire a 24/7 support team. And answering the same questions from potential customers over and over on allll the channels (think Facebook, emails, Instagram DMs, Twitter ...) is getting hard to manage. You end up missing potential leads and customer service questions. You know you could grow your business faster if this was handled. 

That’s where I can help.    

Do you want happier customers & more sales? 
I can help you.

Hiya, I’m Sarah - a tech nerd, tea lover and chatbot specialist. 

I spent a decade working in tech, from huge global firms to fast-moving start-ups, before branching out on my own to help purpose-based entrepreneurs like you.

My mission is to help you take advantage of the big shift in communication that’s happening right now:

One-to-one conversations with your customers at scale in messaging apps (think Facebook Messenger, Instagram DMs & Whatsapp).   

I work with amazing brands to develop fun, conversational chatbots and live chat experiences to help solve your customers’ problems and free up your time. 

Whether you want to ... 

- Answer questions from website visitors around the clock 
- Send reminders to people who’ve registered for your webinars or summits  
- Grow your email list 
- Turn enquiries on your Facebook page into happy customers  

... I’m here to help you do it - without the tech overwhelm or headache.

If you’re looking to build more personalised relationships with your audience and you really care about delivering the best user experience - I’m your girl.

I’m not for you if you’re looking for a quick way to “blast” your audience with your messaging and send them a gazillion notifications (that’s soooo 2007). And we’re definitely not a great fit if your response to Black Lives Matter is “all lives matter”.

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Conversations are the new leads - and I can help you start more conversations between your business and potential customers. 

And when it comes to those conversations, I help you have more of the ones you WANT to have (sales & relationship building) …. and spend less time on the ones that you DON'T need to have (like FAQs). 

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Living & working by the beach

Hanging out at home with my husband & our awesome 7 year old 

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Instagram Automation launched! 


Trained with School of Bots to learn everything chatbots & Messenger Marketing


Introduced to the world of startups & chat apps


Married the love of my life & had our son
(pretty awesome year!)


Moved to London to specialise in Software Development


Graduated & began climbing the corporate ladder at KPMG. Soon realised accountancy wasn't for me!


Started my Law & Tax degree at Bournemouth Uni (partly inspired by Elle Woods)


Spent my spare time after school learning to code websites (#nerd)

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I get to work with amazing clients around the world helping them build conversation experiences

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Lynda la plante novels

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hello 7

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the foo fighters

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the walking dead

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the gruffalo

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the beach hut

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peanut butter cups

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hello Fresh deliveries

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What was your 2021 binge-watch of choice?

"You can't make a Tomlette without breaking some Gregs"


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Tea 🍵

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tea, all the way!

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