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We’re living in an on-demand world. Whether it’s instant streaming on Netflix, 2-hour deliveries from Amazon, or dinner Deliveroo-d at the touch of a button. 

We want stuff now. The brands that succeed are the ones that can give customers what they want, WHEN they want it. Even if that means an answer to a question about a product or service at 2am. 

But you’re not ready to hire a 24/7 support team. And answering the same questions from potential customers over and over on allll the channels (think Facebook, emails, Instagram DMs, Twitter ...) is getting hard to manage. You end up missing potential leads and customer service questions. You know you could grow your business faster if this was handled. 

That’s where I can help.    

Do you want happier customers & more sales - in a way that you can scale fast without hiring more team members? 


a digital assistant, giving personalised recommendations

happy customers ☺️

new sales 💸

dm inbox

facebook page enquiries

Questions from website visitors


Turn ...

— claire s.

"What an incredible tool! The chatbot was easy to use, informative and told me everything I needed to know" 😍


Create a high-converting chatbot quiz to grow your audience and give personalised results and recommendations.

People love quizzes - especially when you give them a change to find out more about themselves. And using a chatbot means higher completion rates than a web-based quiz 🙌    

Quiz Funnel

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Your chatbot can answer common questions on your website & Facebook page - and hand over to your human team seamlessly when needed. 

answer customer questions round the clock (even while you sleep)

Customer Service

Personal Shopper

48% of consumers have left a website without buying, after being overwhelmed with too many options. Your chatbot can act as a personal shopper, helping them find exactly what they need. 

Brand like Lego and Lululemon use personal shopper chatbots to make more sales - but you don't need a global brand's budget to do the same.     

help your customers choose the right product or service for them

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Get more people to show up to your live trainings 

The latest stats show we receive 5x more webinar invitations than we actually attend.

Adding a chatbot with Messenger or SMS reminders into your funnel can see your show-up rates (and sales 💸) more than double.   

Webinar reminders

What could a chatbot do for your business? 


In my signature Chatbot in a Day package, we work together to design, build & launch your chatbot - all in one day.

How it works: 

• We have a virtual meeting to discuss your requirements (customer service, personal shopper or quiz funnel) 

• We schedule a date that suits you

• You complete the pre-work 

• On the day we check-in, then I get to work building your chatbot 

• We launch your chatbot 🥳 
• Full training and video library is included for your team to run the chatbot day-to-day

• 30-days of chat support 

Investment: £1,500 / $2,000

Chatbot in a day

how we can work together

For larger chatbot projects, I work with a limited number of clients on a monthly retainer basis. This includes:

• Adding new campaigns & optimising your conversation design each month 

• Testing and adding new Messenger/SMS/Email features  

• Monthly reporting  

Investment: from £1,500 / $2,000 per month
(3-month minimum contract) 

Monthly Retainer

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