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Let's take the headache and stress out of your ManyChat bot!

Chatbot Power Hour

pick my brains on all things chatbots

You’ve set your chatbot up, but it’s not quite working as you’d hoped. 

Maybe your Messenger bot has been impacted by the recent changes between Facebook and the EU and you need to pivot your strategy. 

It could be that your broadcasts aren’t working, and you need help fixing them or setting up SMS or email inside ManyChat instead. 

It might be that you’re stuck with a specific thing inside ManyChat, in which case we can screenshare and I can show you how to fix it. 

Whatever it is, let’s get you up and running!

Say “bye-bye” to frustration and hello to an awesome bot that works for you 

Are you struggling with your ManyChat bot?

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Figuring out why your broadcasts and sequences aren’t sending (and what to do instead)

Understanding exactly how your chatbot is affected by the EU changes (and how to pivot your bot strategy accordingly)

Planning your bot strategy for an upcoming launch, mapping out your flows & logic

A mini training session on how to use ManyChat for new team members

Sorting out your automations - using Zapier to connect ManyChat to the other apps you use in your business (e.g. email marketing, Slack, Trello, Google Sheets) 

Sense-checking bot flows and suggesting better ways they could run

Talking through Facebook’s messaging rules and how they apply to your page  

Setting up SMS and email opt-ins and broadcasts  

What could we cover in a Power Hour?

Examples of topics i've covered in power hours with past clients: 

• We’ll meet at your chosen time using Zoom. The session will be recorded so that I can send you a copy of the recording afterwards. 

• If needed we’ll screen-share and make changes directly within ManyChat to make sure everything is set up properly in your bot. 

• How the session runs depends on your specific requirements, but it typically looks like this: we'll spend the first 10 minutes clarifying your challenge, 45 minutes looking at possible solutions and making any changes needed in your ManyChat bot, and the last 5 minutes finishing up.

The Power Hour

• Browse my online calendar to find a time slot that works for you

• Book and pay for your session online 

• Complete a short questionnaire (to help me prepare)  

• Add me to your ManyChat bot (if applicable - I’ll talk you through how to do this) 

Before your Power Hour 

how it works

Within 24 hours of our session, I'll send you: 

• The recording of our Power Hour with time-stamps (so you can re-watch any time you need to, skipping straight to the section you need)

• A summary of what we discussed & any changes made in ManyChat, plus

• Links to any recommended resources 

After your Power Hour

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